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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/7] Introduce the pagetable_operations and associated helper macros.
On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 13:05 -0700, Adam Litke wrote:
> +#define has_pt_op(vma, op) \
> + ((vma)->pagetable_ops && (vma)->pagetable_ops->op)
> +#define pt_op(vma, call) \
> + ((vma)->pagetable_ops->call)

Can you get rid of these macros? I think they make it a wee bit harder
to read. My brain doesn't properly parse the foo(arg)(bar) syntax.

+ if (has_pt_op(vma, copy_vma))
+ return pt_op(vma, copy_vma)(dst_mm, src_mm, vma);

+ if (vma->pagetable_ops && vma->pagetable_ops->copy_vma)
+ return vma->pagetable_ops->copy_vma(dst_mm, src_mm, vma);

I guess it does lead to some longish lines. Does it start looking
really nasty?

If you're going to have them, it might just be best to put a single
unlikely() around the macro definitions themselves to keep anybody from
having to open-code it for any of the users.

-- Dave

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