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SubjectRe: [mit-devel] Re: module-init-tools-3.3-pre10 available
Em Tue, 20 Mar 2007 23:03:45 +0300
Sergey Vlasov <> escreveu:

| On Sat, Feb 24, 2007 at 11:13:45AM -0500, Jon Masters wrote:
| > Jan Engelhardt wrote:
| >
| > >Out of the box perhaps if it is the .tar.bz2 archive, but the same does not
| > >always hold for CVS repos, much less SVNs [random guess on svn]. He who
| > >pulls
| > >from a developer tree mostly knows to run '' or 'autoreconf -fi'
| > >beforehand.
| >
| > You know what, you're right of course. Ok, I'm taking those back *out*
| > of the repo in the next update and then will have a script generate
| > these for the tarball. That does sound like the right thing.
| Has a final decision about generated files been made? I don't see any
| updates in the git repo, and man pages are still broken (any attempt
| to regenerate them will cause changes to the generated files to be
| lost).

I've asked Jon to drop the manpage patches, I won't work on m-i-t
tools anytime soon.

Luiz Fernando N. Capitulino
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