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SubjectRe: 2.6.21-rc1: known regressions (part 2)

* Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> I'll try what i've described in the previous mail: mark all bisection
> points that do not include f3ccb06f as 'good' - thus 'merging' the
> known-bad area with the first known-good commit, and thus eliminating
> it from the bisection space.

this got me quite a bit further:

git-bisect start
git-bisect bad 01363220f5d23ef68276db8974e46a502e43d01d
git-bisect good f3ccb06f3b8e0cf42b579db21f3ca7f17fcc3f38
git-bisect fake-good ee404566f97f9254433399fbbcfa05390c7c55f7
git-bisect bad d43a338e395371733a80ec473b40baac5f74d768
git-bisect bad 255f0385c8e0d6b9005c0e09fffb5bd852f3b506
git-bisect fake-good f99c6bb6e2e9c35bd3dc0b1d0faa28bd6970930d
git-bisect fake-good 0187f221e96e3436d552c0c7143f183eb82fb658
git-bisect bad 81450b73dde07f473a4a7208b209b4c8b7251d90
git-bisect fake-good ef29498655b18d2bfd69048e20835d19333981ab
git-bisect fake-good 8a03d9a498eaf02c8a118752050a5154852c13bf
git-bisect good 5c95d3f5783ab184f64b7848f0a871352c35c3cf
git-bisect good ecb5f7521a309cb9c5fc0832b9705cd2a03d7d45
git-bisect good 0539771d7236b425f285652f6f297cc7939c8f9a

81450b73dde07f473a4a7208b209b4c8b7251d90 is first bad commit

[ note: by having the "git-bisect must-have-bugfix f3ccb06f"
functionality i mentioned in the previous mail git-bisect could
have eliminated the fake-good steps. ]

it's not a resolution of this regression yet, because this commit is a
merge with upstream:

| commit 81450b73dde07f473a4a7208b209b4c8b7251d90
| Merge: 8a03d9a... 0539771...
| Author: Len Brown <>
| Date: Fri Feb 16 18:52:41 2007 -0500
| Pull misc-for-upstream into release branch

which means that the fix in Len's tree got broken by merging with
upstream. Note: this 'upstream' in isolation is broken too, due to not
having that essential fix from Len's tree!

So we quite likely have /two/ bugs, any of which breaks resume (which
breakage looks the same, so no way to isolate them via testing).

I'll now try the following: i'll try to manually apply Len's fix to
every tree that git-bisect offers me, in the hope of being able to
isolate the /other/ bug.

[ But really, i'm not expecting any miracles because this is way out of
league for git-bisect which really depends on only having a binary
space to search for. ]

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