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SubjectRe: dst_ifdown breaks infiniband?
> Quoting Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
> Subject: Re: dst_ifdown breaks infiniband?
> Hello!
> > infiniband sets parm->neigh_destructor, and I search for a way to prevent
> > this destructor from being called after the module has been unloaded.
> > Ideas?
> It must be called in any case to update/release internal ipoib structures.

I don't think there's a problem.
All we do in destructor is release the ipoib_neigh resource.
And on device unregister we release all resources anyway.

> The idea is to move call of parm->neigh_destructor from neighbour destructor
> to the moment when it is unhashed, right after n->dead is set.
> infiniband is the only user (atm clip uses it too, but that use is obviously
> dummy), so that nobody will be harmed.

This might work. Could you post a patch to better show what you mean to do?

> But ipoib will have to check for validity of skb->dst->neighbour before
> attempt to reinitialize private data on dead (n->dead != 0) neighbour.

We set a flag before unregister_netdev and test it in start_xmit so
that's covered I think.

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