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    SubjectRe: RSDL v0.31
    AshMilsted wrote:
    > Con Kolivas writes:
    >> Here are full patches for rsdl 0.31 for various base kernels. A full announce
    >> with a fresh -mm series will follow...
    >> --
    >> -ck
    > Hi, I tried to send this before but I'm not sure it got through.
    > All I wanted to say was that this version does not improve my
    > problem with Wengophone (tested with 2.6.21-rc4). Otherwise it

    Wengophone does not really work fine on 'Linux' yet with whatever kernel.

    The Linux version has a lot problems ( AFAIK all known by the Wengophone
    devels )

    > seems to run fine. I won't be able to test anything new for
    > about a month, but I guess by then it'll be perfect anyway :)
    > Ash
    > ---------------------------------------------


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