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    SubjectRe: USB Keyboard
    On Thu, 15 Mar 2007, linux-os (Dick Johnson) wrote:

    > I have multiple AMD 64-bit servers in several configurations, with
    > several different motherboards, which fail to recognize a USB keyboard
    > when booted from a "stock" Linux kernel. They only work with a RedHat
    > kernel! I have removed all but one CPU from one in an attempt to find
    > the problem.
    > linux-2.6.8 linux-2.6.9 linux-2.6.10 linux-2.6.11
    > linux- linux-2.6.12 linux- linux-2.6.13
    > linux- linux- linux- linux-
    > linux-2.6.19

    Could you please turn on USB debugging (and also maybe HID debugging, but
    usb debug should be more interesting now) and send us the logs?


    Jiri Kosina
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