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    SubjectRe: Suspend to RAM fault in VT when resuming
    Pavel Machek wrote:
    > Hi1
    >> I've chased one of the 'Suspend to RAM' resume problems to a specific
    >> line in drivers/char/vt.c, see attached 2.6.21-rc3 diff with
    > Has suspend/resume ever worked on that hardware?
    >> TRACE_RESUME() instrumentation. The macro scr_writew resolves to '*addr
    >> = val', which appears to be causing the problem. I've verified that the
    >> pointer is not NULL, but don't know if its really valid. Its pretty
    >> tough to tell what is happening, but on a Dell XPS it just hangs. A Dell
    >> Precision blinks the keyboard lights.
    > It is possible that video is not initialized at that point, and that
    > hardware goes seriously unhappy when you access non-existing vga. Does
    > it resume ok when you completely disable video support?
    > Pavel

    Resume works on the Dell XPS with the Ubuntu Edgy release
    Ubuntu-2.6.17-10.25 (2.6.17 plus a zillion fixes). Ubuntu's git tree is
    Ubuntu-2.6.17-8.21 is the first version where resume works, but there
    are a boatload of changes in ACPI and SW suspend between that and the
    previous tag Ubuntu-2.6.17-7.20. I don't know what made SW suspend work,
    but even knowing that won't tell me what broke it again.

    I've been avoiding the bisect process because it is quite time consuming
    on my slow machine, there is much branch weirdness, and I'm not that
    good with git. I thought if I narrowed the failure down to a small chunk
    of code in 2.6.21-rc3, then the answer might be obvious. No such luck, huh?

    This crash behaves like the video memory space has become unmapped. Is
    that possible?

    Tim Gardner
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