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Subject[ANNOUNCE] iproute2 2.6.20-070313
This is an experimental to the iproute2 command set.

The version number includes the kernel version to denote what features are
supported. The same source should build on older systems, but obviously the
newer kernel features won't be available. As much as possible, this package
tries to be source compatible across releases.

It can be downloaded from:


For more info on iproute2 see:


Jamal Hadi Salim:
update rest to use nl_mgrp
nl_mgrp to crap if base multicast groups exceeded
Old bug on tc

Mike Frysinger:
do not ignore build failures in subdirs of iproute2

enabled to manipulate the flags of IFA_F_HOMEADDRESS or IFA_F_NODAD from ip.

Patrick McHardy:
tbf: fix latency printing
Use tc_calc_xmittime() where appropriate
Introduce tc_calc_xmitsize and use where appropriate
Introduce TIME_UNITS_PER_SEC to represent internal clock resolution
Replace "usec" by "time" in function names
Add sprint_ticks() function and use in CBQ
Handle different kernel clock resolutions
Increase internal clock resolution to nsec

Stephen Hemminger:
netem use read/write for changes
fix tc-pfifo and tc-bfifo man pages
iptables library fix
TC bfifo man page
Use kernel headers from 2.6.20.y

Thomas Hisch:
Fixes use of uninitialized string

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