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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 2/7] RSS controller core
> doesn't look so good for me, mainly becaus of the
> additional per page data and per page processing
> on 4GB memory, with 100 guests, 50% shared for each
> guest, this basically means ~1mio pages, 500k shared
> and 1500k x sizeof(page_container) entries, which
> roughly boils down to ~25MB of wasted memory ...
> increase the amount of shared pages and it starts
> getting worse, but maybe I'm missing something here
> > We need to decide whether we want to do per-container memory
> > limitation via these data structures, or whether we do it via a
> > physical scan of some software zone, possibly based on Mel's patches.
> why not do simple page accounting (as done currently
> in Linux) and use that for the limits, without
> keeping the reference from container to page?
> best,
> Herbert


You lost me in the cc list and I almost missed this part of the
thread. Could you please not modify the "cc" list.

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