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    SubjectRe: refcounting drivers' data structures used in sysfs buffers
    Am Montag, 12. März 2007 20:31 schrieb Alan Stern:
    > On Mon, 12 Mar 2007, Oliver Neukum wrote:
    > > > I'm with Dmitry; the whole thing becomes much, much simpler if we put back
    > > > your patch and prevent sysfs access after unregistering an attribute
    > > > file. No API changes are needed, no driver changes are needed, no radical
    > > > core changes are needed,... All we would have to do is fix the one SCSI
    > > > method to make it use a workqueue.
    > >
    > > Try.
    > I did. Didn't you see this message from Saturday:

    Yes. In this case, silence is partial agreement. However, convincing me
    is futile if Linus rejects the approach.

    I wrote the original patch. But this problem must be solved. If the
    first attempt is rejected, I'll try another.

    > I sent it to Linus as well as to all of you. No replies received so far
    > from anybody.
    > > I don't like reverting my own code. But I predict he'll tell you that a
    > > driver's bond with a device should be represented in a data structure
    > > that is to be refcounted.
    > :-)

    Coming to think about it, he might be right there.

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