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SubjectRE: [git patches] libata fixes

> It involves a long timeout, so it's bothersome. This is caused by
> Silicon Image 4726/3726 storage processor (SATA Port Multiplier with
> extra features) attached to one of the ICH ports.

Yes, I think this is the part Asus is using for it's EZ-Raid feature
on this motherboard, and they seem to like their EZ-Raid, so it's likely
to become more and more common.

> If the first downstream port in the PMP is empty and it gets reset in
I confirm it is empty in my config.

> work very well with the current ATA reset sequence and gets identified
> only after a few failures thus causing long timeout.
30s to 1min ;(

> I keep forgetting about this. I'll ask SIMG how to deal with
> this. For
> the time being, connecting a device to the PMP port should remove the
> timeouts.

That sounds a quite expensive solution ;)


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