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    SubjectRE: [git patches] libata fixes

    > Ok, so that's just a message irritation, not actually bothersome
    > otherwise?

    It is somewhat painful, because delays involved are quite long, and
    it is not possible to explain the machine to "ignore" the port, and
    skip to the next one...

    > > The second problem is a Jmicron363 controler that is
    > failing to detect
    > > the DVD-RW that is connected, unless I use the irqpoll
    > option as Tejun has
    > > suggested.
    > .. and this one has never worked without irqpoll?


    > So it's the irq16 one that is the Jmicron controller and just isn't
    > getting any interrupts?

    It's IRQ 16 that is reported as affected to the Jmicron from the dmesg
    output, yes.

    > Since all the other interrupts work (and MSI worked for other
    > controllers), I don't think it's interrupt-routing related.
    > Especially as MSI shouldn't even care about things like that.
    > And since it all works when "irqpoll" is used, that implies that the
    > *only* thing that is broken is literally irq delivery.

    Surely, also if you add the using pci=nomsi doesn't change anything.

    > Gaah. Can you get a log through serial console or netconsole
    > to see what changed?

    I'll try to do that....


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