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    SubjectRE: [git patches] libata fixes

    > It seems like IRQ is not getting through. The first IRQ
    > driven command is failing for you.

    > Extract is :
    > ata7: PATA max UDMA/100 cmd 0x0000000000019c00 ctl 0x0000000000019882 bmdma
    > 0x0000000000019400 irq 16
    > ata8: PATA max UDMA/100 cmd 0x0000000000019800 ctl 0x0000000000019482 bmdma
    > 0x0000000000019408 irq 16

    IRQ 16 is IO-APIC-fasteoi for libata, and is not shared... but all the
    others libata IRQ are IO-APIC-edge.

    > * Does giving 'acpi=off' or 'irqpoll' make any difference?
    > * Can you connect a harddisk to the channel and see whether
    > that works?
    Tried that.. Disk is identified as ATA-7: Mastor 6Y080L0, YAR41BW0, max
    and then timeout again...

    Tried then with acpi=off, same result (identify is OK, but then timeout),
    and irqpoll and then it was OK !!!!

    Let's then go back to my DVD-RW and test irqpoll...
    and ... Yes.... Got it !
    It is identified, it can be mounted, and read as /dev/sr1 !

    /proc/interrupts show a count of 0 for IRQ 16, so yes, it goes somewhere

    Doing some diffs on copy of /proc/interrupts while accessing the DVD
    gives two possibilities : IRQ14 or IRQ18, but both are also counting
    when not accessing the DVD...

    Question : does running with irqpoll affects performance ?


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