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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 1/3] Add ability to keep track of callers of symbol_(get|put)
> From: Andrew Morton
> Newsgroups: gmane.linux.kernel
> Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH 1/3] Add ability to keep track of callers of symbol_(get|put)
> Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 00:09:38 -0800
>> On Sat, 10 Mar 2007 02:31:35 -0200 Mauro Carvalho Chehab <> wrote:
>> From: Trent Piepho <>
>> When a module uses symbol_get() to increase the ref count of another
>> module, there is no record what module called symbol_get(). A module
>> can
>> show up as having other users, but there is no way to tell who those
>> users are.
>> This adds that ability to symbol_put() and symbol_get().
> One day I'll write a script which unwordwraps patches and then you'll all
> need to find new ways of torturing me.

I don't support twisted patches, but before they will be resent, because
word wrapping may lead to 80-colums rule, please find useful this:

sed -r '
# assume only line started from [+-] got wrapped
# start what ever first line
# append next line, to check wrapped addition
# if it is one, i.e starts not with [ \t+-], '@@' or 'diff'
# do "\n" -> " "
s_\n([^d@ \t+-])_ \1_g;
# loop until find one(addition), because line(s) already here
T more;
# special case of empty line
t more;
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