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    SubjectRe: SwSusp to disk doesn't work - Try 2
    Rafael J. Wysocki:
    > Ah, NO_HZ. Thomas Gleixner's address added to the Cc list.
    >> short printk trace
    >> enable_nonboot_cpus
    >> _cpu_up
    >> raw_notifier_callchain (CPU_UP_PREPARE)
    >> ...
    >> update_sched_domains
    >> detach_destroy_domains
    >> [waits here] --> synchronize_sched (==synchronize_rcu)
    > Well, I think the call to wait_for_completion() does not return, probably
    > because the task supposed to complete the completion is frozen at this
    > point. Can you please try to confirm that it gets stuck on
    > wait_for_completion() in synchronize_rcu()?

    Yes, it's in wait_for_completion() in synchronize_rcu().
    As noted in some previous mail, it will wake up after
    event - key press etc.

    Patch in solves different problem.
    I added it to my quilt and applied anyway -> no change.


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