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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] Bitbanging i2c bus driver using the GPIO API
    On Saturday 10 March 2007 5:13 am, Haavard Skinnemoen wrote:
    > This is a very simple bitbanging i2c bus driver utilizing the new
    > arch-neutral GPIO API. ...
    > ---
    > This patch is different from the first patch in the following ways:
    > * Handles pins set up as open drain (aka multidrive) by toggling
    > the output value instead of the direction
    > * Handles output-only SCL pins the same way, and also does not
    > install a getscl() callback for such pins
    > * Does not add anything to include/linux/i2c-ids.h
    > * Sets the output value explicitly after changing the direction to
    > output.
    > * Plugs a memory leak in remove() -- algo_data wasn't freed.
    > * Prints out the pin IDs in decimal, with an extra note when clock
    > stretching isn't supported
    > This version has been compile-tested only. I'll give it a spin when I
    > get back to work on monday.
    > Dave, does this address your concerns?

    Yes, though see my followup to Jean's note. Unless I make time
    to test this out on some system, the issues seem to be:

    (a) will need to change once gpio_direction_output() gains
    that second argument;

    (b) i2c-gpio.h could stand one minor comment addition to highlight
    an assumption.

    Looking good!

    - Dave
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