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Subject[PATCH][RSDL-mm 0/7] RSDL cpu scheduler for 2.6.21-rc3-mm2
What follows this email is a patch series for the latest version of the RSDL 
cpu scheduler (ie v0.29). I have addressed all bugs that I am able to
reproduce in this version so if some people would be kind enough to test if
there are any hidden bugs or oops lurking, it would be nice to know in
anticipation of putting this back in -mm. Thanks.

Full patch for 2.6.21-rc3-mm2:

Patch series (which will follow this email):

- Fixed the longstanding buggy bitmap problem which occurred due to swapping
arrays when there were still tasks on the active array.
- Fixed preemption of realtime tasks when rt prio inheritance elevated their
- Made kernel threads not be reniced to -5 by default
- Changed sched_yield behaviour of SCHED_NORMAL (SCHED_OTHER) to resemble
realtime task yielding.

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