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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: "Make nenuconfig" does not save parameters.
On Mar 10 2007 19:46, Vladimir wrote:
>> On Mar 10 2007 19:06, Cyrill Gorcunov wrote:
>> >[Vladimir - Sat, Mar 10, 2007 at 04:05:42PM +0300]
>> >| Here's the problem:
>> >| 1. Unpack the kernel sources, run make menuconfig.
>> >| 2. Mark the necessary options.
>> >| 3. Pick "Save an alternate configuration file", enter a filename (e.g. /root/kernelcfg)
>> >| 4. Pick "Exit".
>> >| ->5. Configurator exits without saving. If type "make bzImage", it builtd all the default
>> >options.
>> Well, you already saved explicitly and did not make any further
>> changes after that, so it won't ask again on exit (perhaps all Office
>> Suites do the same). In fact, if you do exactly that, menuconfig
>> assumes you do not intend to build a kernel (since you did not save
>> to .config).
>Hm.... Do i have to "Save an alternate configuration file" to ".config"
>manually? The configurator used to do that automatically when i pick
>"Exit". I think that was reasonable. Anyway, the patch Cyrill sent me
>works all right.

If you make some changes and do not call 'save an alternate config
file', it will ask you on exit.

If you make no changes at all, a .config won't get written - true. But
then, the defconfig will be used anyway.

All is fine.

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