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    SubjectRe: USB misbehavior causes system hang
    On Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 01:49:40PM -0800, Pete Zaitcev wrote:
    > However, the main issue here is the OOM with all the dirty data.
    > We saw that before. For some weird reason, ext3 is especially good
    > at producing the immense amounts of write-out. Are you on ext3 or
    > VFAT on that drive?


    > Please try to find the CPU traces by hitting SysRq-w, SysRq-p. CPU
    > is looping under a lock somewhere and eventually it cases the watchdog
    > to trigger. It may be a USB issue, maybe a VM issue. I can't tell
    > until we get stack traces.

    I can log the dmesg's via netconsole, but I'm often not at the
    computer to use SysRq. I've just discovered /proc/sysrq-trigger, which
    I can maybe use from a script that watches dmesg. I'll report back if
    I can catch the dumps.


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