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SubjectRe: [patch 00/13] Syslets, "Threadlets", generic AIO support, v3
On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 11:11:02AM +0100, Pavel Machek ( wrote:
> > > > > 10% gain in speed is NOT worth major complexity increase.
> > > >
> > > > Should I create a patch to remove rb-tree implementation?
> > >
> > > If you can replace them with something simpler, and no worse than 10%
> > > slower in worst case, then go ahead. (We actually tried to do that at
> > > some point, only to realize that efence stresses vm subsystem in very
> > > unexpected/unfriendly way).
> >
> > Agh, only 10% in the worst case.
> > I think you can not even imagine what tricks network uses to get at
> > least aditional 1% out of the box.
> Yep? Feel free to rewrite networking to assembly on Eugenix. That
> should get you 1% improvement. If you reserve few registers to be only
> used by kernel (not allowed by userspace), you can speedup networking
> 5%, too. Ouch and you could turn off MMU, that is sure way to get few
> more percent improvement in your networking case.

It is not _my_ networking, but taht one you use everyday in every Linux
box. Notice which tricks are used to remove single byte from sk_buff.
It is called optimization, and if it does us a single plus it must be
implemented. Not all people have magical fear of new things.

> > Using such logic you can just abandon any further development, since it
> > work as is right now.
> Stop trying to pervert my logic.

Ugh? :)
I just say in simple words your 'we do not need something if adds 10%,
but is complex to understand'.

> > > > That practice is stupid IMO.
> > >
> > > Too bad. Now you can start Linux fork called Eugenix.
> > >
> > > (But really, Linux is not "maximum performance at any cost". Linux is
> > > "how fast can we get that while keeping it maintainable?").
> >
> > Should I read it like: we do not understand what it is and thus we do
> > not want it?
> Actually, yes, that's a concern. If your code is so crappy that we
> can't understand it, guess what, it is not going to be merged. Notice
> that someone will have to maintain your code if you get hit by bus.
> If your code is so complex that it is almost impossible to use from
> userspace, that is good enough reason not to be merged. "But it is 3%
> faster if..." is not a good-enough argument.

Is it enough for you?

epoll 4794.23 req/sec
kevent 6468.95 req/sec

And we are not saying about other kevent features like ability to
deliver essentially any event through its queue or shared ring (and a
some of its ideas are being slowly implemented in syslet/threadlet code,

Even if kevent is as fast as epoll, it allows to work with any kind of
events (signals, timers, aio completion, io events and any other you
like) with one queue/ring, which removes races and does _simplofy_
development, since there is no need to create different models to handle
different events.

> > > That is why, while arguing syslets vs. kevents, you need need to argue
> > > not "kevents are faster because they avoid context switch overhead",
> > > but "kevents are _so much_ faster that it is worth the added
> > > complexity". And Ingo seems to showing you they are not _so much_
> > > faster.
> >
> > Threadlets behave much worse without event driven model, events can
> > behave worse without backed threads, they are mutually compensating.
> I think Ingo demonstrated unoptimized threadlets to be within 5% to
> the speed of kevent. Demonstrate that kevents are twice faster than
> syslets on reasonable test case, and I guess we'll listen...

That was compared to epoll, not kevent.

But I repeat again - kevent is not only epoll, it can do a lot of ther
things which does improve performance and simplify development - did you
saw terrible hacks in libevent to handle signals without race in polling
loop? It is not needed anymore completely - one event loop, one event
structure, completely unified interface for all operations.
Some kevent features are slowly being implemented in syslet/threadlet
async code too, and it looks like I see where things will end up :), but
likely I do not care about new 'kevent', I just wanted that that was
said half a year ago, when I started its resending again, but Ingo
already said his definitive word :)

> Pavel
> --
> (english)
> (cesky, pictures)

Evgeniy Polyakov
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