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SubjectRe: [ck] Re: Swap prefetch merge plans
On Saturday 10 February 2007 00:13, jos poortvliet wrote:
> Nobody has said anything about costs, indeed. Now afaik, swap prefetch is
> designed to have no/as little as possible costs, so that makes sense. Does
> it have to have some bugs, which have to be adressed, before it can enter?
> I'm sure this can be arranged, right, Con?
> Sorry if I sound sarcastic. I'm no hacker myself, and sometimes these
> discussions don't make sense to me. A bit like the Staircase thingy ->
> "hi, I've got this piece of code which does the same as that piece, but
> better"
> "Why didn't you improve the old code?"
> "This is a better design -> half the code but doing a better job"
> "Well, it's not tested as much, so it won't go in. Go away!"
> There where those comments from Torvalds some time ago in an interview,
> about the kernel community becoming harder to get involved with. As an
> outsider, it sure seems so. I read frustrations everywhere. What about the
> kevent guy, his blog:
> I stumbled upon it when reading LWN. Seems pretty sad... I don't get the
> technical stuff, but the frustration almost blows up your monitor. Is there
> something fundamentally wrong with the kernel-hackers-culture, or are these
> incidents?

I greatly appreciate the support. Truly I do.

But I do not like the direction this argument is going. Please let it go.

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