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    SubjectRe: search-a-little-harder-for-mkimage.patch
    On Thu, Feb 08, 2007 at 12:56:17AM -0500, Mike Frysinger wrote:
    > On 2/8/07, Oleg Verych <> wrote:
    > >> Check to see if `${CROSS_COMPILE}mkimage` exists and if not, fall back to
    > >> the standard `mkimage`
    > >
    > >Why this can't be done by
    > >
    > >
    > >in your environment?
    > because it wouldnt matter ? the tool is called
    > "$CROSS_COMPILE-mkimage", it isnt $CROSS_COMPILE_PATH/mkimage

    Well, i mean search for your `mkimage'.

    Let's see how all this used in Makefiles (avr32, ppc, sh are same)


    MKIMAGE := $(srctree)/scripts/
    quiet_cmd_uimage = UIMAGE $@
    cmd_uimage = $(CONFIG_SHELL) $(MKIMAGE) -A arm -O linux -T kernel \
    -C none -a $(ZRELADDR) -e $(ZRELADDR) \
    -n 'Linux-$(KERNELRELEASE)' -d $< $@

    type, which with bash or whatever, doesn't matter. All they need *your*
    toolchain in $PATH, why not just to put "$CROSS_COMPILE-mkimage" instead
    of $(CONFIG_SHELL) $(MKIMAGE) here? just searches $PATH for
    mkimage and run it. Double overkill, no?

    > >> The Blackfin toolchain includes mkimage, but we dont want to namespace
    > >> collide with any of the user's system setup, so we prefix it with our
    > >> toolchain name.
    > >
    > >If that matter, `type -path' is bashizm (BloAted SHell), and "blackbox"
    > >with "dash" (very good `sh' equivalents) will fail. I would recomend to
    > >use "which" command (btw, Debian has `sh' version of it), if you
    > >concerned about size and performance.
    > >
    > >Nack + proposition to move from `bash' to `sh'.
    > the script already uses "#!/bin/bash" and the patch doesnt change any
    > of the existing conventions ... so if you want to rewrite the existing
    > code to be POSIX compliant, then do so so i can add back in support
    > for $CROSS_COMPILE-mkimage

    To run faster, but let me stop here.
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