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SubjectRe: [patch] MTD: fix DOC2000/2001/2001PLUS build error

On Tue, 6 Feb 2007, Haavard Skinnemoen wrote:
> I disagree. I did the exact same thing on AVR32 because !EMBEDDED
> forces on tons of crap that just isn't useful on many embedded
> platforms.

I do agree. EMBEDDED largely means "non-generic/non-standard" these days.
It's also true that EMBEDDED does *not* necessarily mean "small", since
some of the choices that it disables can often be choices that you want on
*big* machines.

For example, the whole thing where VGA and keyboard/mouse support default
to on when EMBEDDED isn't selected is quite possibly a good reason to
enable EMBEDDED on big servers that aren't even meant to be general-
purpose, but simply optimized for a particular environment.

That is, technically, what "embedded" really means. A lot of the time
people talk about it as if it was always "small", but it can be a big
computer that is just used in a very specific turn-key environment where
some of the default kernel choices may not be sensible.

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