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    SubjectRe: [discuss] [patch] mtrr: fix issues with large addresses
    "Andreas Herrmann" <> writes:

    > On Tue, Feb 06, 2007 at 10:54:23AM -0700, wrote:
    >> "Andreas Herrmann" <> writes:
    >> > On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 05:26:12PM -0700, wrote:
    >> >> "Andreas Herrmann" <> writes:
    >> >> >
    >> >> The limit is per cpu not per architecture. So if you run a
    >> >> cpu that can run in 64bit mode in 32bit mode the limit
    >> >> is not 36 bits. Even PAE in 32bit mode doesn't have that limit.
    >> >>
    >> > Good point.
    >> >
    >> > I totally ignored that on 64 bit cpus in legacy mode
    >> > - PAE-paging means up to 52 physical address bits respectively
    >> > "physical address size of the underlying implementation"
    >> > - for non-PAE-paging with PSE enabled we have 40 bits for AMD and
    >> > with PSE36 36 bits for Intel
    >> For non PAE-paging you have 32bits.
    > You are referring to current Linux implementation?
    > The AMD64 architecture increased physical address size in PSE mode to
    > 40 bits. So at least it would be possible to use more than 32 bits.

    How do you get 40 physical bits in a 32bit page table entry? My memory
    is that the low bits in the page table entry were well defined and
    accounted for. I'm pretty certain I can account for 6 of the low bits
    off the top of my head. PSE is the page size extension allowing pages 2MB/4MB

    PAE (physical address extension) gives you a 64bit page table entry
    and where you have a place for all of those extra physical bits kick
    as I recall. The limit is 52 bits and current cpus talk about support
    40 bits with AMD in the process of going to 48 bits.

    Is there a feature I have overlooked?
    That would allow 40 bits with PSE?

    >> Yes. So base needs to be come a u64.
    > I was afraid you'ld say that.
    >> So base = ((base_hi << 32) | base_lo) >> PAGE_SHIFT.
    >> I see where the 44bit limit comes in. Do you actually have boxes
    >> with > 16TB?
    > No, I don't have access to such a box. Would be nice though.
    >> Regardless it looks like base and possibly size needs to become
    >> a u64. At which time the extra >> PAGE_SHIFT could be meaningless.
    >> Either that or because base and size need to be sized in something like
    >> megabytes.
    >> I suspect making it a u64 sized in bytes will get the job done and
    >> result in simpler code.
    > Right you are!

    > Ok, it is best to do (3).
    > I will come up with another patch asap.

    Thanks. Sorry for being a pain.

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