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SubjectRe: [patch] MTD: fix DOC2000/2001/2001PLUS build error

* Russell King <> wrote:

> and the rest (ie, except integrator, versatile and ixp4xx) has:
> config ARCH_SHARK
> bool "Shark"
> select PCI
> IOW, the "PCI support" question isn't offered for platforms which
> require PCI to be present, but is offered on platforms where it's
> optional.

yeah. I think this also fits into the special-case i mentioned: it isnt
connected to something user-selectable, it's a side-effect of the first
'feature selection' the user does: 'what platform do you compile your
kernel on'. As such it is a convenience group-selection.

i.e. what we have behind this is still a clean tree of dependencies.

The mess begins i think when options with real code behind them start to
grow back and forth dependencies in form of criss-crossing 'depends on'
and 'select' instances.

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