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    Subject[patch 3/9] mm: revert "generic_file_buffered_write(): deadlock on vectored write"
    From: Andrew Morton <>

    Revert 6527c2bdf1f833cc18e8f42bd97973d583e4aa83

    This patch fixed the following bug:

    When prefaulting in the pages in generic_file_buffered_write(), we only
    faulted in the pages for the firts segment of the iovec. If the second of
    successive segment described a mmapping of the page into which we're
    write()ing, and that page is not up-to-date, the fault handler tries to lock
    the already-locked page (to bring it up to date) and deadlocks.

    An exploit for this bug is in writev-deadlock-demo.c, in

    (These demos assume blocksize < PAGE_CACHE_SIZE).

    The problem with this fix is that it takes the kernel back to doing a single
    prepare_write()/commit_write() per iovec segment. So in the worst case we'll
    run prepare_write+commit_write 1024 times where we previously would have run
    it once. The other problem with the fix is that it fix all the locking problems.

    <insert numbers obtained via ext3-tools's writev-speed.c here>

    And apparently this change killed NFS overwrite performance, because, I
    suppose, it talks to the server for each prepare_write+commit_write.

    So just back that patch out - we'll be fixing the deadlock by other means.

    Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <>

    Nick says: also it only ever actually papered over the bug, because after
    faulting in the pages, they might be unmapped or reclaimed.

    Signed-off-by: Nick Piggin <>

    Index: linux-2.6/mm/filemap.c
    --- linux-2.6.orig/mm/filemap.c
    +++ linux-2.6/mm/filemap.c
    @@ -2090,21 +2090,14 @@ generic_file_buffered_write(struct kiocb
    do {
    unsigned long index;
    unsigned long offset;
    + unsigned long maxlen;
    size_t copied;

    offset = (pos & (PAGE_CACHE_SIZE -1)); /* Within page */
    index = pos >> PAGE_CACHE_SHIFT;
    bytes = PAGE_CACHE_SIZE - offset;
    - /* Limit the size of the copy to the caller's write size */
    - bytes = min(bytes, count);
    - /*
    - * Limit the size of the copy to that of the current segment,
    - * because fault_in_pages_readable() doesn't know how to walk
    - * segments.
    - */
    - bytes = min(bytes, cur_iov->iov_len - iov_base);
    + if (bytes > count)
    + bytes = count;

    * Bring in the user page that we will copy from _first_.
    @@ -2112,7 +2105,10 @@ generic_file_buffered_write(struct kiocb
    * same page as we're writing to, without it being marked
    * up-to-date.
    - fault_in_pages_readable(buf, bytes);
    + maxlen = cur_iov->iov_len - iov_base;
    + if (maxlen > bytes)
    + maxlen = bytes;
    + fault_in_pages_readable(buf, maxlen);

    page = __grab_cache_page(mapping,index,&cached_page,&lru_pvec);
    if (!page) {
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