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    SubjectRe: GPL vs non-GPL device drivers
    On 2/25/07, Trent Waddington <> wrote:
    > On 2/26/07, Michael K. Edwards <> wrote:
    > > I know it's fun to blame everything on Redmond, but how about a
    > > simpler explanation?
    > Says the master of conspiracy.

    Yes, I rather chuckled at the irony as I wrote that one. :-) But
    there is a difference. I've provided you with independent sources for
    the basic data -- Nimmer and Corbin and dozens of appellate opinions
    for the universal contract nature of copyright licenses,
    for Form 990s, links that you can follow a couple of hops to two
    actual letters of opinion that Moglen has written suggesting "GPL
    circumvention" techniques, facts that you can verify about the
    financial dealings surrounding the formation and acquisition of Cygnus
    Solutions, the campaign to squeeze OpenSSL out of the GNUniverse, and
    the unreproducibility of commercial cross-compilers built around GCC.
    You don't have to believe a damn thing I say -- read the law and
    follow the money trail for yourself.

    If you care to know more about how the racket works, you can do your
    own damn homework and see if you reach the same conclusions I did two
    years ago. Subsequent events -- the forced merger of OSDL into the
    Linux Foundation, the flowering of the SFLC into the Software Freedom
    Conservancy, the sunset of Oracle on Sun and rise of Unbreakable
    Linux, the hocus-pocus around "license compatibility" as first Intel
    and HP, then Sun, knuckle under, switch to the GPL, and start pressing
    IBM and Oracle to do the same, the war of the "patent pledges" -- fit
    into the same pattern. I was disgusted then, and I haven't seen any
    reason to become less so. I don't actually enjoy this sort of
    muckraking -- it's dirty work and I have better things to do.

    Watch for more posturing about Microsoft/Novell -- funny how the
    distro that regularly pays Eben Moglen to give keynote speeches has
    been charging by the seat for years, but the distro that does a deal
    with the _other_ devil is threatened with being written out of GPL v3.
    Watch for -- but wait, I gave up ranting for Lent. Watch for
    anything you like, keep scanning the horizon for Moby Ballmer and his
    secret deals to keep you dual-booting into Windows for your
    frag-fests. When your pet shark in law professor's clothing decides
    _your_ arm would be tasty next, don't come crying to me. This really
    is the absolute last I have to say on this topic in a public forum, in
    2007 anyhow.
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