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SubjectRe: [QUESTION] Sata RAID
On 2/24/07, Patrick Ale <> wrote:
> On 2/24/07, Michael-Luke Jones <> wrote:

One more question regarding this, I am aware its not *really* kernel
related but answering this question now will save yourself a lot of
bogus emails from me about MD oopses later and all, and I want to
setup my disks right once and for all and never witness what I
witnessed last weeks with my ATA disks.

Would you use MD at all, taking in account the disks come from the
same batch and all? I hear these things about MD/RAID being pointless
when you use disks from the same brand/type/batch since they most
likely will break shortly after eachother.

Oh, and one more thing

\|/ ____ \|/
"@'/ ,. \`@"
/_| \__/ |_\
<--- whoeveer programmed that into the sparc-linux oops is GOD, you're
my true hero, lol.

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