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SubjectSV: Re: [tipc-discussion] [RFC: 2.6 patch] net/tipc/: possible cleanups

--- Adrian Bunk <> skrev:

> It can be re-added at any time when an in-kernel
> user comes.
> But the most interesting question is:
> Why is noone interested in getting his TIPC using
> drivers merged?
I don't think lack of interest is the issue here. The
users I know anything about, would be both happy and
proud to contribute code to the main tree. One I know
about,who has developed a very interesting "reliable
bond interface" based on this API, doesn't regard his
code to be up to the kernel coding standards yet,
although I am trying to encourage him. Another one
thinks his function is just too specialized to be of
any common interest.
In the future, I would be also be very interested in
seeing a cross-node netlink implementation, carried
over TIPC, using this API. (Unfortunately, I don't
dare to commit to this myself right now, there is too
much left to be done in TIPC.)
So, as you see, keeping the exported symbols would be
a definite advantage, as current and future developers
would not have to patch the kernel to do their work.

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