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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Undo some of the pseudo-security madness
* Samium Gromoff:

>> > Lisp environments can produce standalone executables
>> If you've got a stand-alone executable, you don't need MAP_FIXED. The
>> ELF loader maps the program at a fixed address anyway (at least on
>> i386 and x86_64, I haven't checked others).
> Not so.
> The thing is that the picture is of two pieces:
> - the executable
> - the unrelocatable lisp core (which is unrelocatable by the virtue
> of non-PIC code) which is mapped into the AS of the executable.
> It is the latter which breaks, as its map can overlap with randomized
> pieces of the executable (along with its libraries).

I think it boils down to the question if you can use ELF relocations
to create a relocatable (but not necessarily position-independent)
object that ld can link with the SBCL run-time system to produce an
executable. This executable would truly be stand-alone because no
separate core file is required anymore.
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