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SubjectRe: gitweb on buggy?
Jiri Kosina wrote:
> Hi,
> the gitweb running on git(2) has looked buggy to me for quite a
> some time (a month or so) with respect to branches vs. shortlog.
> When you browse a repository with mutliple branches, and switch between
> branches, the shortlog shown is always the one from master, never from the
> branch you switched to, which seems wrong to me.
> This definitely worked previously (and works on other installations of
> gitweb outside the, so it might be worth fixing.
> Thanks,

gitweb on is at least in part orphanned, since the "official"
gitweb maintainers don't seem to listen to us ( people) w.r.t.
some issues, mainly related to caching, we've had to fork gitweb and
maintain it ourselves -- however, since is currently all
volunteer labor, we have limited amount of time in which to deal with

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