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SubjectRe: [Sdhci-devel] [PATCH 2.6.20-rc2] Add a quirk to allow ENE PCI SD
Darren Salt wrote:
> Your patch was mangled by Thunderbird. IME, it always does this; you should
> attach patches, not include them inline.
> Still, it was easy enough to apply the patch manually.

It's braindead, I was lazy and hoping it wouldn't crap things up too
badly. (it usually works if the lines are short enough)

>> I'd appreciate if you could test this sooner rather than later as the merge
>> window is just around the corner.
> It doesn't work.
> After applying my patch and fixing up the rejects, it still doesn't work. I
> need to disable the first of the writeb() calls mentioned in the last hunk of
> your patch for it to work again. I have the impression that the hardware
> doesn't like the power-on bit not being set :-|

Now this isn't good. It means that I have to controllers that require
conflicting deviations from the standard. What a pain.

> ... hmm, it looks like there's a small bug in my patch: the label "out" needs
> to be before the last writeb() otherwise, if power is -1, no write will
> happen regardless. I'm attaching a fixed version along with an adapted
> version of your patch.

I already fixed up that before I committed it to my tree, so no sweat. )

> Pierre, if you're happy to sign off the modified version of your patch, feel
> free to convert my not-yet-signed-off-by into a normal signed-off-by.

I'll rework that into a separate quirk to indicate it's because of
broken hardware. It's only for unreleased hw so it's no rush. I just
wanted to see if it was related to your problem.

-- Pierre Ossman

Linux kernel, MMC maintainer
PulseAudio, core developer
rdesktop, core developer
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