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SubjectRe: GPL vs non-GPL device drivers
On 2/15/07, v j <> wrote:
> So far I have heard nothing but, "if you don't contribute, screw you."

Well, so far I have heard from you is "let me use my closed-source
drivers in Linux or bye bye".

> All this is fine. Just say so. Make it black and white. Make it

It is not black and white: You are the one who is using Linux; not the
other way.

In other words, you use Linux freely and don't help in any way;
however, you come to demand things and criticize hundreds of persons
who colaborated here.

> perfectly clear what is and isn't legal. If we can't load proprietary
> modules, then so be it. It will help everybody if this is out in the
> clear, instead of resorting to stupid half measures like

Stupid, maybe. But some people just don't want closed-source
projects/companies like yours using their free work, without any kind
of feedback. Some others don't care, but they could in the future, as
it is their code, and that is your risk.

PD: Please don't top post.

Miguel Ojeda
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