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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] GIT 1.5.0
On Tuesday, February 13, 2007 at 19:14:16 (-0800) Junio C Hamano writes:
>The latest feature release GIT 1.5.0 is available at the usual places:

I do think worth pointing out that, quite significantly, you can now
use git-daemon to push changes into a repo, something very handy for
private networks.

This is enabled by passing the --enable=receive-pack to the
git-daemon (usually in the [x]?inetd configuration).

This has the benefit of:

1) More efficient git transport for both pushes and pulls.

2) A less ugly URL to use: git://server/repo, instead of, say,

3) Ability to easily move your repo without changing the URL in each
client, by changing the URL in the git-daemon config file
(xinetd) --- say, if you want to move your repo to a striped
disk, or similar.

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