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SubjectRe: Bug in current -git tree causing dbus and gnome to chew up cpu time
On Tuesday February 13, wrote:
> This causes the following to just loop over and over, incrementing the
> pid:
> gnome-vfs-daemo(8914):

That's odd. getcwd returning an empty string.
I can only see that happening if you do the equivalent of

That would return an empty string with the new code but not with the
But I cannot imagine gnome-vfs-daemon doing a chroot, as it does not
run as root.

You could try removing the
if (*buffer == '/') {
from the new __d_path. But that still wouldn't really explain what
was happening.

Maybe also put a WARN_ON(! *buffer) just before the return to find out
exactly what is going on when the empty string is returned.

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