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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] more support for memory-less-node.

> I wasn't suggesting having NULL pointers for pgdats, if that's what you
> mean.

That is what started the original thread at least. Can happen on some
ia64 platforms.

> Just nodes with no memory in them, the pgdat would still be there.
> pgdat = struct node, except everything's badly named.

Ok those can happen even on x86-64, mostly because it's possible
to fill up a node early during boot up with bootmem and then
it's effectively empty.

[there is even still a open bug when this happens on node 0]

Handling out of memory here of course has to be always done.

Just NULL pointers in core data structures are evil. But I'm glad we
agree here.

Now if it's better to set up a empty node or use a nearby node
for a memory less cpu can be further discussed. I still think
I lean towards the later.

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