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SubjectRe: [patch 00/11] ANNOUNCE: "Syslets", generic asynchronous system call support

* Benjamin LaHaise <> wrote:

> > > Open issues:
> >
> > Let me add some more
> Also: FPU state (especially important with the FPU and SSE memory copy
> variants), segment register bases on x86-64, interaction with
> set_fs()...

agreed - i'll fix this. But i can see no big conceptual issue here -
these resources are all attached to the user context, and that doesnt
change upon an 'async context-switch'. So it's "only" a matter of
properly separating the user execution context from the kernel execution
context. The hardest bit was getting the ptregs details right - the
FPU/SSE state is pretty much async already (in the hardware too) and
isnt even touched by any of these codepaths.

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