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SubjectRe: NAK new drivers without proper power management?
On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 10:55:18AM -0500, Mark Lord wrote:
> LKML is much more receptive to drivers that follow
> the "release early, release often" mantra.


> Which means we really have to be more accomodating of
> drivers that start out simple, and then gain all of the
> non-essential capabilities gradually over time.

We usually are, the endless flamewar lurkers might not :)
> Simple observation here shows much more hostility :)
> to drivers that are simply "presented" as a complete whole.
> Often for good reason -- starting out with a framework
> and then adding the rest bit by bit allows for much better
> peer review and feedback.


> And not all devices / situations need power management,
> and lack of documentation on the hardware often prevents
> us from implementing it at the outset.


So can be use Mark's excellent post as closing of this
utterly useless thread and go on to real work now?

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