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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add PCI device ID for IT8152 RISC-to-PCI chip
    On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 09:45:54AM -0500, Raphael Assenat wrote:
    > Really? I have no idea if it's possible to get a reliable PCI bus or
    > not with this chip. Right now, we only use it for it's built-in OHCI
    > USB host controller and UART. You're making me hope I never have to
    > use it for interfacing a PCI card!

    Well on the system on a board we were trying, using the development
    baseboard from the same supplier, by simply doing a ping flood through
    the onboard rtl8139 I managed to get corrupted ethernet packets fairly
    frequently. The WAN cards (T1/E1) we were trying to make work with it
    were much more upset by it. It could be bad enough corruption to cause
    the chip on the card and the driver to get out of sync and just have no
    idea what to do anymore. Given our mainboard works perfectly fine using
    a Geode SC1200 instead of the PXA255 board, I can only figure the PCI
    bus wasn't implemented correctly on that chip, unless PCI on arm is done
    wrong in linux (I sure hope not). There doesn't seem to be very many
    arm systems with PCI, so it's hard to tell. Now other than PCI the
    system was wonderful. Fast, reliable, ran great even at high
    temperatures, etc. Just couldn't get the stupid PCI bus to work.

    Len Sorensen
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