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    SubjectRe: NAK new drivers without proper power management?
    > > "If the device requires that, implement .suspend and .resume or at least
    > > define .suspend that will always return -ENOSYS (then people will know they
    > > have to unload the driver before the suspend). Similarly, if you aren't sure
    > > whether or not the device requires .suspend and .resume, define .suspend that
    > > will always return -ENOSYS."
    > Sounds ok to me. Where should this text go?
    > Documentation/SubmittingDrivers ?

    And testing/submitting drivers, perhaps with additional text in that to
    make it clear we want suspend/resume support or good excuses

    "Please verify your driver correctly handles suspend and resume. If it
    does not your patch submission is likely to be suspended and only resume
    when the driver correctly handles this feature"

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