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    Subjectremote debugging via FireWire (was What will be in the x86-64/x86 2.6.21 merge)
    Andi Kleen wrote at LKML:
    > Not likely to make .21:
    > - Early firewire support for firescope at early boot

    Was it seen in canonical patch format on a mailinglist before?
    Is it Bernhard Kaindl's ohci1394_early?

    Would be good to put this on the usual patch-submission road in order to
    prep it for 2.6.22. Could be handled via linux1394-2.6.git, although a
    different channel where the actual users of this facility watch would
    IMO be more appropriate.

    I also have suggestions, at least WRT Bernhard's code:
    - The Kconfig option could go into the "Kernel hacking" submenu rather
    than the IEEE 1394 submenu. (The driver source should stay in
    - Leave a note in the Kconfig help how it is typically used, i.e. what
    is required on the remote terminal side, where to find firescope,
    fireproxy etc. and assorted HOWTOs.
    - Indicate in the Kconfig help that only a 4GB address range is made
    visible this way.

    A mostly unrelated note: A simple to set up remote-dmesg utility would
    be nice to have on the terminal side. Maybe a small ieee1394 high-level
    driver which gives hints on the location of the dmesg buffer via
    configuration ROM would be warranted. Or is it feasible to find the
    dmesg buffer by plain memory analysis?
    Stefan Richter
    -=====-=-=== --=- -=-=-
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