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    SubjectRe: [BUG] 2.6.23-rc3 can't see sd partitions on Alpha

    * Bob Tracy <> wrote:

    > > I'm struggling to see how any of those could have broken block
    > > device mounting on alpha. Are you sure you bisected right?
    > Based on what's in that commit, it *does* appear something went wrong
    > with bisection. If the implicated commit is the next one in time
    > sequence relative to
    > # good: [2f1f53bdc6531696934f6ee7bbdfa2ab4f4f62a3] CRISv10 fasttimer: Scrap INLINE and name timeval_cmp better
    > then the test of whether I bisected correctly is as simple as applying
    > the commit and seeing if things break, because I'm running on the
    > kernel corresponding to 2f1f53bdc6531696934f6ee7bbdfa2ab4f4f62a3 right
    > now. Let me give that a try and I'll report back. Worst case, I'll
    > have to start over and write off the past four days...

    generally it's easier to just go "back in time" and re-try the last
    known "good" and last-known "bad" commit IDs to establish that they are
    indeed correctly identified. if they are not then step back one more in
    the bisection log. No need to spend another 4 days on this, if most of
    the bisection is OK. You can replay a corrected git bisection log
    quickly, by doing:

    git-bisect reset
    git-bisect < bisect.log


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