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SubjectRe: Patch submission question [not in the FAQ]
On Dec 5, 2007 3:36 AM, Gabriele Gorla <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have submitted a patch for the 3x-xxxx driver on
> alpha several months ago to both the driver maintainer
> and the linux-scsi mailing list.
> I have read all the FAQ and I tried to stick to the
> instructions to the letter.
> However the patch has been completely ignored. No
> reply, no comment, no flames, absolutely nothing...
> the original email submission is at the end of the
> email.
> could anyone please explain what I am doing wrong?
> thanks,
> GG


I ignored your patch because:

1. I do not believe you have the 3w-xxxx driver running on an
alpha SMP system.

2. I removed the bitfields from the 3w-xxxx driver but I have
yet to add full big endian support due to lack of demand. I have
such a patch for this driver (which already includes the unpacking
of the wait_queue_head_t variable) but I have not submitted it to
the main-line kernel. The in-kernel 3w-xxxx driver is still missing
the byte-swaps.

The 3w-9xxx (9000 series 3ware driver) has full big endian support.

3. Your patch was garbled.

Is this an official request for big endian support for the 3w-xxxx driver or
are you looking for anybody who has a packed 'wait_queue_head_t' and
submitting a patch to fix it?


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