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    SubjectRe: [BUG] 2.6.23-rc3 can't see sd partitions on Alpha

    * Bob Tracy <> wrote:

    > Finally got back in town. Starting the git-bisect process. I've got
    > a relatively slow network connection, and the PWS 433au isn't exactly
    > what I would call "fast" by modern standards, so bear with me while I
    > get things set up and crank through this. The clone of the 2.6 tree
    > will take several more hours to finish downloading. I anticipate the
    > best pace I'll be able to manage after that is two iterations in a 24-
    > hour period.

    once you are done with the download of the initial cloned git repository
    (which is 200MB+), all the bisection steps will be local and you'll be
    only limited by kernel rebuild speed and by bootup and testing speed,
    not by network bandwidth.

    ( once you have the cloned repository i'd suggest for you to keep it -
    that way you can track susequent kernels via "git-pull" and it uses a
    very network-efficient delta protocol. )


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