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SubjectRe: solid state drive access and context switching
> > Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see it.  We want a block
> > interface for these devices, we just need a faster slimmer interface.
> > Maybe a new mtdblock interface that doesn't do erase would be the
> > place for?
> Doesn't do erase? MTD has to learn almost all tricks from the block
> layer, as devices are becoming high-latency high-bandwidth, compared to
> what MTD was designed for. In order to get any decent performance, we
> need asynchronous operations, request queues and caching.
> The only useful advantage MTD does have over block devices is an
> _explicit_ erase operation. Did you mean "doesn't do _implicit_ erase".

You're right. That the point I was trying to make, albeit badly, MTD
isn't the place for this. The fact that more and more of what the MTD
is being used for looks a lot like the block layer is a whole
different discussion.

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