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Subject[PATCH 00/23] RT balance v7

This series applies on GIT commit 2254c2e0184c603f92fc9b81016ff4bb53da622d
(2.6.24-rc4 (ish) git HEAD)

These patches replace v6 + v6b announced here:


The series is a collaborative effort between myself and Steven Rostedt.

Changes since v6:

*) cleaned up patch headers
*) fixed some checkpatch errors
*) incorporated v6<x> add-ons to one unified series


Most people don't care about RT tasks, but some of us do, and this series
helps us fix a problem with the current design. We designed carefully to have
negligible impact on non RT code paths, and we believe we have achieved this

These tests against a 64-way SMP architecture show that the series doesn't
hurt those that don't care about RT tasks, but it helps out those that do.

you can find a tarball of the entire series for your convenience here:

also, most of these patches have been incorporated into the later versions of
-rt which you can find in patch form here:

or in prebuilt form here from opensuse-factory:

Please consider for inclusion in the next convenient merge window.

-Steven Rostedt, and Gregory Haskins

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