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SubjectLinux 2.6.24-rc4

We should have one week between -rc releases, but I was gone for a week
over thanksgiving (as were some other kernel developers), so this one is a
bit late. It's been almost the rule rather than the exception, but I
promise I'll be better...

Anyway, there aren't a lot of exciting changes here, but there's still a
_lot_ more churn than I really hoped for at the -rc4 stage. Blackfin, MIPS
and Power do stand out in the diffstats, but ARM and x86 got some updates

And we had some ACPI churn (processor throttling etc), along with various
driver updates: ATA, IDE, infiniband, SCSI, USB and network drivers.. And
on the filesystem side, cifs, NFS, ocfs2 and proc. Ugh. Too much.

In fact, the diff from -rc3 is almost 36,000 lines, and that's the smaller
git one with the renames shown as renames (not the ones I upload as
patches to - those are done so that people with GNU patch and
other legacy patch programs can use the diffs). I'll blame the two-week
window for some of it, but even so, this is a bit disheartening. I'm
really hoping that we're slowing down and -rc5 won't be anywhere near that

That said, none of the changes are really _exciting_ or really scary. And
we should have fixed a number of regressions, although more certainly


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