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SubjectRe: Correct types for mod_devicetable.h (was: Re: m68k build failure)
On Sunday 02 December 2007 22:22:31 Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> On Sat, 1 Dec 2007, Pierre Ossman wrote:
> > Yeah, that could work. Have a header with stuff like this:
> >
> > typedef u16 __attribute__((aligned(2))) aligned_u16;
> > typedef u32 __attribute__((aligned(4))) aligned_u32;
> I gave it a try:

This seems to turn a molehill into a mountain.

We can change that mod_devicetable.h at any time; it's not supposed to be a
userspace API (the kernel build system doesn't count).

So, just insert two bits of padding in sdio_device_id and insert a comment
saying "/* Explicit padding: works even if we're cross-compiling */".


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