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    SubjectRe: read-ahead in NFS server
    > >> Are you using TCP?  Are you using NFSv4, or an older version?
    > > I'm using NFSv3/UDP.
    > IMO, you definitely want TCP and NFSv4. Much better network behavior,
    > with some of the silly UDP limits (plus greatly improved caching
    > behavior, due to v4 delegations).
    the clients of my system going to be embedded system with low
    performance cpus and I need UDP as it needs less cpu power.

    > > when I run local dd with bs=4K, I can see that the average IO size is
    > > more than 300KB.
    > Read-ahead is easier in NFSv4, because the client probably has the file
    > delegated locally, and has far less need to constantly revalidate file
    > mapping(s).
    I'll check that.
    but what about the server side? why the issued IO's are only as twice
    as the size of the NFS requests?

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