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SubjectRe: [Patch v2] Make PCI extended config space (MMCONFIG) a driver opt-in
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> But as mentioned, there were other reports too of the exact same bug (with
> different PCI devices, but the same "vendor == 0001" bogosity).
> Googling for
> lspci "Unknown device 0001:" mmconfig
> shows reports like these:
> ...
> which all seem to be due to this same bug with different cards (but the
> common theme seems to be an ATI northbridge).

This isn't an example of a per-device breakage, though. It only shows up
on some devices, but the cause is apparently the chipset. Those devices
work fine on other boards.

As mentioned later, it appears that CRS stuff might be related to this
problem, but if it couldn't be fixed, I think the only sane solution
would be to blacklist MMCONFIG support on that chipset.

Robert Hancock Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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